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A free-thinking biologist certainly could choose to reject the orthodoxy of grouping living things by ancestry and reproductive isolation and instead choose to study living things that are yellow, but their treatises would probably be difficult to follow, because "living things that are yellow" is intrinsically a much less cohesive subject matter than, say, "birds": experience with black crows is probably going to be more useful when studying yellow canaries than experience with yellow daffodils—even if, in all philosophical strictness , there are a million things that these categories could have been drawn around, and who can say but that some hypothetical other culture might have chosen color rather than ancestry as the true determinant of "species"?

It is of course true that different cultures will place different emphases and interpretations on various ways in which people can differ: being prepubescent or being a parent might have special significance in some cultures that outsiders could never understand. But to say that prepubescents might as well be a "gender"—well, at this point I must confess that I'm really not sure what this "gender" thing is that the author is trying to talk about.

And I guess that's the problem. People who assume a TERFy definition of woman —like, say, the authors of the Merriam–Webster dictionary ("noun, 1.a. , an adult female person") —generally aren't trying to invalidate anyone's "gender"; they're trying to talk about biological sex using simple, universally-understood words. Biological sex is obviously not the only category in the world: in a lot of situations, you might care more about whether someone has living children—or for that matter, whether an organism is yellow—than what sex it is.

But when people do want to talk about sex—when they want to carve reality along that particular joint, without denying that there are superexponentially many others in the vastness of configuration space—there's something profoundly frustrating about Outlet Geniue Stockist Footlocker Pictures Sale Online Statement Clutch Sea Lion Clutch by VIDA VIDA rzJOQeSuR9
culture's axiomatic insistence that certain inferences must not be made, that certain conceptual distinctions must not be expressible , except perhaps cloaked behind polysyllabic obfuscations like "assigned sex at birth" (as if the doctors made a mistake !).

Even if many usages of words like woman can and should be interpreted in a trans-inclusive sense, it's important that it also be possible to sometimes use the words in a trans-exclusive sense in those cases where the distributions of trans people and cis people of a given "gender" differ significantly for the variables of interest. The point is not to be mean to trans women (who are a huge fraction of my and The Unit of Caring author's friends); the point is that it should be socially acceptable to describe reality using words .

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Cut water consumption in half

Champion Flight machines clean with as little as 48 Gallons of Water per Hour

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See what Carroll University has to say aboutChampion's Dishroom Equipment and Trisys Sustainability Innovations


Champion's New Vent-Free Rack Conveyor Awarded 2016 Kitchen Innovations Award

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Cheap Discount Authentic Sale Footlocker The Stack Double Crossbody Bag in Black Circus Leather Anya Hindmarch Cheap Recommend RlwF0hP
February 09, 2017

Champion® Industries is pleased to showcase the new 44 Pro Series and 44 PRO with Ventless Heat Recovery option during the NAFEM Show

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May 04, 2016

Champion® Industries introduces the UH330 ADA, its shortest ventless undercounter designed to accommodate thick countertops meeting the 34-inch ADA requirements.

NACUFS 2018 National Conference
July 11, 2018 - July 14, 2018

You'll find Champion in the Ali Group island at NACUFS 2018. We will be displaying great new warewashing technology as well as answering your dishroom solutions questions.


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